Your astrology chart, also called a natal chart or birth chart, is a snapshot of the position of the stars and planets in the sky on the day you were born.

While your natal chart can look like a bunch go gobbledygook at first glance, the chart is easy to read once you know how it’s structured.

A sun sign is the constellation that the sun was ‘in’ at the time of your birth. Your sun sign is your ego. 

Identifying Your Sun, Moon, and Rising

Indicated by a crescent moon (☽), your moon sign tells you what constellation the moon was ‘in’ during the time of your birth. This represents your emotional and subconscious side.

There are other celestial bodies in your natal chart whose positions affect your personality depending on which house they’re in.

The Planets of Your Natal Chart

The astrological houses talk about the areas of human experience. Look at the middle part of your natal chart and notice the numbers written along them.

The Astrological Houses of Your Birth Chart

Now, you can put them together to create an interpretation of your natal chart.

Combining Meanings to Interpret Your Natal Chart

Fortunately, this isn’t so hard. Just pick out a planet in your natal chart and find the house and astrological sign it falls under.

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