How to Save Rainforests With Old Smartphones: A Quick Look at Rainforest Connection

Climate change and global warming are the biggest threats to our generation, and one of the leading causes is deforestation.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Rainforest Connection and their system of Rainforest Guardians, and how their system can save the rainforests using People, Cellular Networks, and Trash.

While we still can’t stop cutting down trees for our needs, we should stop illegal logging which accounts for 50%-90% of all logging, and is the leading cause of deforestation.

Deforestation, a Hard Problem to Solve

The Birth of Rainforest Connection

Topher White is the founder of Rainforest Connection. He went to the rainforest to enjoy the peaceful yet chaotic sounds of nature, and sure enough, they discovered freshly cut trees on their tour.

Topher White tried recording the sounds of that forest earlier, and once he turned down every animal sound that he can, he discovered that the sounds of chainsaws can be faintly heard.

Listening Is the Solution

The Rainforest Guardian is a device that’s inconspicuously attached to treetops and continuously listens for the sounds of chainsaws and engines loggers use.

It starts with the noise that the microphone picks up, which can come from up to a mile away in all directions.

Its phone, which serves two purposes, processing the raw signal and sending alerts to the cloud. It processes the audio signal by analyzing the raw audio and focusing on the usual sounds that chainsaws and engines make.

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