How to Start, Keep, and Interpret a Tarot Journal

While tarot practices vary from deck to deck and person to person, you might find that a tarot journal is the next tool you need to deepen your interpretation.

Tarot journaling is similar to regular bullet journaling, the only difference is you also keep track of the tarot cards you pull.

A tarot journal is a tool for braiding together ideas gleaned from the symbolism of the tarot cards, personal reflections, and observations on daily life.

Why Keep a Tarot Journal?

You don’t have to track every reading, but decide right away which readings are getting written down and which ones won’t be.

How to Keep a Tarot Journal

Decide on What Trackers You Want. Note down your daily pulls, weekly readings, and monthly readings.

Make Art Based on the Cards. Everyone’s interpretation is different and this shows through in the way we write about the cards and illustrate them.

A lot of the cards overlap in meaning or have shared meanings that can clue you into what you need to start paying attention to more in your life.

Interpreting Your Tarot Journal

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