Intrusive Thoughts: TikTok’s Favorite Mental Health Term EXPLAINED

On TikTok, the term “intrusive thoughts” is ubiquitous. It’s used in videos depicting actions that most people would consider weird, uncommon, or even harmful.

But what exactly are intrusive thoughts? And how can this mental health buzzword—one often misused on TikTok—win over us?

What Are Intrusive Thoughts?

They’re these unwanted ideas—images or actions—that come to our head seemingly for no reason, and are difficult to get rid of.

Intrusive thoughts are not inherently harmful and are even normal. But while some people can easily keep intrusive thoughts at bay, others are can’t.

Are Intrusive Thoughts Harmful?

Individuals with mental disorders, from OCD to PTSD, are more likely to be affected deeply by intrusive thoughts.

What separates one person from the next when having intrusive thoughts is the way they react to them.

A person with OCD may be driven to overthinking that an intrusive thought could turn debilitating.

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