Jesus Was a Rule-Breaker: The Radical Things He Said and Did

Over the years, a lot has been said and written about Jesus. He’s called hundreds of things — Savior, Redeemer… you get the message.

But there’s also not a lot about Him that the world’s experts can universally agree on.

If the gospel accounts of His life were to be believed (which is a whole other debate), it’s clear that Jesus was something of a rule-breaker.

Jesus, the Rule-Breaker

What I mean is that Jesus consistently defied the customs of his time. He wasn’t afraid to break rules many people came to accept as unbreakable.

Though His life was a relatively short blip in history, the things He said and did — at least according to scripture — form a legacy that has had plenty of staying power.

The Power of Forgiveness

Jesus, who not only spoke about the forgiveness of sins, even for those that society had deemed to be lost causes, but also let the sick touch Him so they could be healed.

The Man was walking around a lot, healing people and telling them to love their neighbor, but a spatial analysis reveals a bit more about his itinerary.

A Focus on the Margins

He had a problem with the way the faith was operationalized in religion. He argued all the time with Pharisees, scribes, and religious leaders.

Protesting Religion

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