Keith Lee’s TikTok Food Reviews: From MMA Fighter to Changing Food Businesses One Bite at a Time

Keith Lee is an MMA fighter found fame and fortune on TikTok as a food critic extraordinaire. At the ripe age of 26, he discovered a knack for creating scrumptious cooking videos.

What started as a way to combat social anxiety and sharpen his interviewing skills, quickly turned into a delicious, lip-smacking adventure that had TikTok fans craving.

The food critic sensation went from unknown to TikTok royalty in no time. Keith has a massive following hooked on every single one of his food review videos.

Keith Lee’s became a respected food critic, particularly due to his dedication to highlighting small, independently-owned restaurants such as:

Keith Lee’s Role in the Growth of Small Food Businesses

Frankensons, a small family-owned restaurant, was struggling to make ends meet. As people saw Keith’s positive review, interest in Frankensons skyrocketed.


Four4corner Street Chicken is a Filipino family-owned food truck in Las Vegas. Four4corner Street Chicken nailed it with a top-notch scores on customer service and food.

Four4corner Street Chicken

What stands out here is the exceptional customer service. Gary, the owner, went out of his way to ensure the food was prepared safely, being aware of Keith’s shellfish allergy.

Southern Taste Seafood

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