Lesser-Known Side Effects of Climate Change

You’ve likely heard of the many disastrous consequences of climate change. But all across the globe, plenty of other changes are happening under the radar, too.

These side effects of climate change are on their way to becoming our new reality if world leaders don’t get their act together.

Where temperatures were excessively hot, genetically male bearded dragons experience sex reversal and become female.

Lizard Sex Change

A mammal shrinking as a side effect of climate change is bison, the largest mammal in Northern America.

Shrinking Animals

Scientists have found that there could be a 50% decrease in areas best suited for coffee farming by 2050.

Less Coffee

Wine lovers know that growing grapes is a delicate process, as the crop is highly sensitive to changes in temperature.

Bad Wine

Climate change is making pollen seasons longer and more stressful. Our rapidly warming earth is creating later winters and earlier springs.

Worse Allergies

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