Low Maintenance Fish Perfect for First Time Fishkeepers

If you’re looking for low maintenance pets, you’re going to get a lot of recommendations for fish.

Just so you don’t end up disappointed with your new fish friends and unknowingly hurt them, here's a list of low maintenance fish that are actually low maintenance.

The main thing you need to learn is how to keep an eye on water quality and, following that, signs of common illnesses in your fish.

What Low Maintenance Fish Really Means

Here are selections for the best low maintenance pet fish for people who are new to the fish-keeping hobby.

5 Low Maintenance Pet Fish

Betta Fish - You’ll find bettas in a variety of colors ranging from the common blue and red to exotic shades of luminescent white and pink.

Mollies - They're known for their relaxed temper so they make great tank mates. Mollies like to be in schools together.

Cardinal Tetras - These 2-inch long fish feature bright blue bodies with a vivid red streak that transitions into a near-transparent tail.

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