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My Butterfly Blue Pea Tea Panna Cotta Recipe: An Ode to Blue

The color blue is as beautiful as the rich, creamy texture of a panna cotta. And that is why I want to share my butterfly blue pea tea panna cotta recipe with you today.

One bite of this exquisite dessert will fill your mouth with a gentle yet delightfully smooth and velvety cream.

What Is a Panna Cotta?

The name “panna cotta” stands for “cooked cream” in the Italian language. This is a staple Italian dessert since the 1960s and is a perfect infusion of cream and gelatin.

– Milk – Butterfly Blue Pea Tea – Heavy Cream – White Sugar  – Honey – Vanilla Extract – Gelatin Powder – Water


Heat 60 grams milk in a pan and simmer it.


As the milk heats up, add one tablespoon butterfly blue pea tea. Keep stirring on low heat for 30 seconds.

Add heavy cream and bring it to boil. Continue to stir. 

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