MyProAna and the Eating Disorder Spaces of the Internet

While you’re not likely to run into eating disorder-related content if you aren’t actively searching for it, there remain pockets of ED communities on the most popular platforms.

A subset of these groups actively encourages people to worsen their condition, teaching them tips and tricks on how to drop to dangerously low weights.

What Is MyProAna?

MyProAna (MPA) was once one of the largest and most popular eating disorder communities on the internet. In its heyday, it was a hub for sharing diet tips and weight loss progress.

In its own way, MyProAna was a safe space for people struggling with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

These days, MyProAna goes by “Eating Disorder Support Forum”. It no longer calls itself a pro-anorexia community but a support community for people trying to recover from eating disorders.

There’s also a dimension to pro-ana communities that is even harder to entangle. People come to them, paradoxically, for comfort.

Are ED Spaces On the Internet Helpful Or Harmful?

Yet these communities, whether consciously or not, perpetuate behaviors that encourage people to get “sicker”.

It’s not just mean communities about dieting but also alternative diets such as keto, intermittent fasting, and veganism.

Communities to Avoid If You’re Trying to Recover From An Eating Disorder

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