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Paranormal Paris: The Legend of the Red Man of Tuileries Palace

This is dedicated to the Red Man (or “L’Homme Rouge”) who haunted the Tuileries Palace for centuries.

The Red Man is believed to have first appeared in Tuileries Palace as soon as it was built by Catherine de Medici, the Queen of France.

The Red Man is said to be a harbinger of misfortune. Many claimed to have seen the devilish little man scampering around before some tragedy occurred.

The Origin of the Red Man

After her husband’s death, Catherine became a little too power-hungry and began hiring a henchman to murder her political foes.

Her assassin’s name was Jean l’écorcheur. However, after doing Catherine’s bidding for years, Jean learned some unflattering secrets about the Queen.

Catherine ordered a man named Neuville to murder Jean. Neuville managed to off Jean in the Tuileries gardens, but his corpse disappeared when Neuville came back to dispose of it.

Catherine consulted an astrologist who told her that Jean would forever haunt the grounds of Tuileries.

Reportedly, from then on, every time something terrible would happen at Tuileries, the Red Man would appear to its inhabitants.

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