Pet Fish That Go Well in a 55 Gallon Fish Tank

A 55 gallon fish tank is a big commitment. Literally. These massive tanks can take up an entire desk’s worth of space.

While their size may make them feel a bit daunting, they’re actually not that hard to maintain.

Generally, the same fish that go well in other tank sizes are also great for 55 gallon fish tanks. It just so happens that you can now keep more of them together with other fish.


These fish can grow up to the size of a saucer so it’s great that they’re not really schooling fish or else you might have a cramped tank in no time.

Individual bettas can be added to community tanks and live in harmony with other fish, though you might run into the occasional betta that just wants to pick a fight with everything.

Betta Fish

Discus Fish

These exotic, gorgeous fish have a reputation for being difficult to keep alive so you may want to reconsider getting them if you’re relatively new to the hobby.

What works for one might not necessarily work for you. It’s time to stop trying to curate the perfect self-care routine and focus on improving one thing at a time.


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