Pouring One Out for the Homies Is an Ancient Tradition

The act of pouring one out — whether you do it for the Devil, your homies, or Dionysus — is an ancient tradition called “libation” that stretches back to early civilizations like ancient Egypt.

This isn’t a surprise given that alcohol may be the reason why we started forming civilizations in the first place.

While “libation” is commonly used today as a funny way of saying you're drinking, it originally strictly referred to drinks that are poured out as an offering.

The Ancient Origins of Pouring Libations

It's usually offered to deities, spirits of the dead, and for similar spiritual reasons.

One of the earliest mentions of pouring one out comes from early Bronze Age Mesopotamia. Pouring liquids was a “vital part” of ancient Mesopotamian rituals.

Libations in Mesopotamia

Libations in Ancient Egypt

Libation pouring was also observed in ancient Egypt where weekly drink-offerings, were common water offering was substituted with milk.

According to Atlas Obscura, the ancient Romans installed tubes that drained into graves, allowing grieving loved ones to pour libations directly into their deceased family and friends’ burial spots.

Libations in Ancient Rome

Libation was commonly observed in early China during the Bronze Age when people created mounds especially dedicated to pouring one out.

Libations in Asia

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