Pro-abortion Stances Are the Norm – A Look at Oriental Religions

Ever since the US Supreme Court put abortion rights on the chopping block, we have been examining where exactly major religions of the world stand on abortion.

To our pleasant surprise, none of the foundational sources of all three Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, prohibit abortion.

In fact, an overwhelming majority of interpretations of sources in all three gives a clear precedence to maternal life over fetal rights.

Tracing Pro-abortion Stances in Hinduism

Practices and Beliefs in Hinduism vary and leave it open to diversity, but one common thread remains central: death is not the opposite of life, but the opposite of birth.

The most strict interpretations in Hinduism regard abortions as a sin and consider it equivalent to killing a born human.

It would be easy to relegate Hinduism to the Pro-life category. But, nuances exist and rationales that guide pro-abortion practices are widely accepted at all levels of Hindu culture.

Tracing Pro-abortion Stances in Buddhism

Some scholars have recommended leaving the decisions to the pregnant woman. Generally, the principle of no harm always holds preventing unwanted pregnancies as always superior to terminating them.

Pro-abortion Attitudes and Practices in Confucianism

Because of his concern with government structure, his system allows for unequal relationships between various orders and positions inside families, albeit with balance and harmony between them.

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