Quick and Simple Stir Fried Snow Peas Recipe in 4 Steps!

This Stir Fried Snow Peas dish takes less time to cook on the side and needs a few simple ingredients.

I prefer to stir fry snow peas with garlic and other aromatics because you can never get enough of some soul-soothing flavors to go with your side dish.

– Oil – Snow Peas – Salt – Pepper – Ginger  – Dark Soy Sauce – Honey – Seseme Seeds


Heat a non-stick pan and toast up your sesame seeds for about 30-45 minutes. Set aside.


In the same pan, add some oil and let it heat up over high heat. Then, drop your chopped garlic and ginger.

Toss your washed and trimmed beans into the pan and stir fry them over medium heat.

After one minute of stir frying the beans, drizzle some honey and soy sauce for delicious and snappy flavors.

Put a lid over the pan and cook the beans for another three minutes. Then serve and enjoy!

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