Ranking Every Guatemalan Beer: More Than Just Gallo

Guatemala is a nation known for its masterfully made Mayan tapestries, its abundance of volcanoes, its friendly people, and the quetzal. Beer is not one of those things.

Today, we're going to attempt to rate every Guatemalan beer in order from best to worst.

Cabro Extra

This is certainly better than the rest on a typical Guatemalan menu. Many have compared its flavor and full body to a lager; however, it’s really just cerveza.

Gallo is by far the most popular beer in all of Guatemala. It’s a cerveza akin to Corona Extra that’s light and refreshing after you’ve been in the sun all day.


This tastes as if the employees at Cerveceria Nacional tried to come up with something like a German-style lager but ended up just making an oddly flavored cerveza.

Cabro Reserva

Personally, I thought that Dorada Draft was a decent beer. It's just that it's been done a disservice by its packaging.

Dorada Draft

Monte Carlo has a weird hoppy flavor to it, mildly similar to that of Heineken, that has absolutely no place in a Guatemalan beer.

Monte Carlo

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