Review Bombing: What Drives This Toxic Internet Phenomenon?

The internet can be a cruel and toxic place and yet, we keep coming back to it. For all its faults, the internet does provide a wealth of information that we use in our daily lives.

Reviews, in particular, are our go-to resource for making a decision on what to buy.

But not all reviews are necessarily genuine, especially if they’re coming from average users. They could be a product of review bombing.

It's when a group of people floods a title with negative ratings and reviews with the goal of hurting its popularity and sales.

What is Review Bombing?

Some even go as far as to create multiple accounts to further drag ratings down, or campaign for others to do the same on internet forums.

Some internet users are just trolls who like to disrupt because the audience doesn’t agree with certain features, content, or creators.

Verifications have been helpful in curbing review bombing on select sites. But there’s always a new place for disgruntled fans to spread hate for a movie.

Is There A Solution to Review Bombing?

For people who are just looking for genuine reviews on a title, it’s important to look beyond the rating and read what the reviews actually say.

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