Romania and Decree 770: Why Banning Abortion Is a Bad Idea

With the US Supreme Court recently overturning Roe Vs. Wade, a dystopian future in America where abortion is fully outlawed is becoming increasingly threatening.

We can simply take a look at Communist Romania after 1967 when Nicolae Ceaușescu’s government fully criminalized abortion.

Contraceptives were banned nationwide through Decree 770. The effects of Decree 770 led to horrific consequences for women and the nation as a whole.

In 1957, abortion was legalized in Romania. Due to a lack of contraception in Romania, 80% of pregnancies were aborted between 1957 and 1966.

Eventually, Romania saw a drop in birthrate, and the government decided to do something to ensure constant population growth.

Nicolae Ceaușescu’s government decided to ban abortion in almost all cases in order to cause births to skyrocket. He got what he wanted, birth rates after Decree 770 came into effect, but at what cost?

During the time that abortion was banned in Romania, over 9,000 women died from complications resulting from backroom abortions or pregnancy complications.

Backroom Abortions and Overflowing Orphanages


Even with the world’s help, the damage was already done. These children had been born and neglected, suffering needlessly at the will of a mad dictator.

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