Sense8’s Trans Joy and Radical Empathy, Five Years On

Five years ago, fans of Netflix’s Sense8 were gifted something that almost didn’t exist: a satisfying ending.

Five short years later, and despite the show’s problematic racism, this vision of a queer revolution is more important now than ever.

Sense8’s heartstopping, euphoric, and very queer finale came at a time when the idea of global interconnectedness among the LGBTQ+ community felt extremely urgent.

Amor Vincit Omnia

In the show’s finale, aptly titled Amor Vincit Omnia, or “Love conquers all.” It conquered a series cancellation.

In the story, the sensates come together for the last battle to be won: Nomi Marks and Amanita Caplan’s wedding on the Eiffel Tower.

Despite recent wins for WLW couples on-screen, seeing a relationship like Nomi and Amanita’s still feels like a novelty.

The Importance of Trans Joy

The finale wedding gives us just that: an impossibility turning into a reality. It feels like a trans fairy tale, complete with weed fairies.

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