Short Dungeons and Dragons Adventures You Can Play

Dungeons and Dragons is a time-consuming hobby. If you’re the dungeon master, you need to find the time to straighten out the plot before and after every session.

Here are some D&D adventures that you can run over the with a group of nerdy friends who will likely end up drunk halfway through the session.

A Wild Sheep Chase

A Wild Sheep Chase has all the makings of a wholesome D&D session thanks to its punny story and simple premise.

Death House

Death House is an introductory adventure to Curse of Strahd, a fantasy-horror adventure that has your party wandering through the misty lands of Barovia, a realm ruled by the “totally not D&D Dracula” Count Strahd von Zarovich.

Horde of the Dragon Queen

Like Death House, the first adventure in Horde of the Dragon Queen can easily be used for a quick 3-4 hour session that’s divided into multiple mini-quests.

The Silvyr Tower

The Silvyr Tower is a fetch quest where your party accepts a commission to retrieve an item owned by a Sylneas Silvertongue.

Frozen Sick

If you’re not keen on horror, but don’t want to play a combat-oriented D&D adventure, Frozen Sick might just be what you’re looking for. The adventure has a distinctly mystery and thriller vibe.

The Barber of Silverymoon

Before you dive into this adventure, though, it might be a little too complicated for new players as the module is designed for characters between the 4th and 6th levels.

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