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‘Single Drunk Female’ Season 2: A Summary and Review

Freeform’s Single Drunk Female, created by Simone Finch, revolves around recovering alcoholic Samantha Fink (Sofia Black-D’Elia) as she navigates her ongoing sobriety.

Finch uses her voice to discuss two very real problems in society: the glamorization of drinking and addiction.

In a society where drinking is engrained and portrayed in every type of media, it’s important for there to be counter-media as a way to challenge these problematic ideals.

Among all of the pain seen and experienced, Finch also creates humorous plots that portray the complexities of life.

These plots are much needed for both Sam and the viewers, as she and her loved ones experience some pretty harsh moments.

We first meet Sam in Season 1, living in New York City. Sam’s life quickly takes a turn for the worse when she gets fired and hits her boss on the head with a phone.

Sentenced to community service and a 30-day rehab program, Sam moves back home to the Boston suburbs, moving in with her widowed mother.

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