Spicy Habanero Egg Salad Recipe With Chicken

This Habanero Egg Salad was one of those eureka moments when you've nailed an egg salad recipe. 

It may be a great egg salad recipe, but it might not be ideal for you if you’re sensitive to spicy food.


– Mayo – Eggs – Chicken Breast – Clove Garlic – Dijon Mustard – Dill – Chives – Habanero Pepper – Gruyère

Boil the eggs. If you have a kitchen tool like the Rapid Cooker, you can use that as well.


Add mayo into a bowl. Finely chop garlic, dill, chives, habanero, and add to bowl. Grate fresh Gruyère and add Dijon. Chop up chicken breast and slice the eggs.

Season with kosher salt and black pepper (a little paprika for extra taste).

Mix together and enjoy.

This egg salad recipe is certainly nutritious but, as with everything, don’t go overboard. Be conscious of the calories you consume if the end goal is to lose weight.

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