Succession IRL: Who Are the Powerful Families Based On?

There’s a reason tech billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk splurged their riches on The Washington Post and Twitter: media is power.

Ask the Roy family in HBO’s hit drama Succession. The fictional clan will do everything to maintain control of their media empire at Waystar Royco.

The main dynasties featured on the HBO series are loosely based on billionaire clans in the media industry.

The Roys bear resemblance to the Murdochs of News Corp. They own several publishing and media outlets all over the world.

The Roy Family: The Murdoch Family of News Corp.

When you boil it down, the premise of Succession is choosing the next CEO of the company among his children.

Season 2 of Succession introduced the Pierces, who own the competing media conglomerate PGM.

The Pierce Family: The Sulzberger Clan of the New York Times

Logan has had his eye on acquiring the firm, but his attempts were never successful.

The Furnesses share a similar dynamic with the Redstones of ViacomCBS. Shari has always been the first on Sumner’s line of succession.

The Furness Family: The Redstones of ViacomCBS

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