Take a Trip to Nahanni Valley, the Valley of the Headless Men

There’s a mystery of why corpses keep turning up without heads in Nahanni Valley, which has been nicknamed the Valley of the Headless Men.

Nahanni Valley is located in the Northwestern territories of Canada. It is a place of steep mountains decked in lush, towering trees that look virtually undisturbed for centuries.

Local legends say that the Naha people, who lived in Nahanni Valley, are extremely violent and decapitate their victims during raids on other territories.

Legends about the Nahanni Valley’s dwellers say that some of them are cannibalistic giants who follow a pale-skinned female chieftain.

A notable case of these Nahanni Valley disappearances was that of the gold ‘Stampeders’ who came to mine gold in Klondike.

The 766 Stampeders split up along the way, with many taking a shortcut through Nahanni Valley via South Nahanni River.

Of the Stampeders who passed through Nahanni Valley, only two made it to their end destination.

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