Tales of the Not Deer: The Creepy Cryptid of the Appalachians

The Not Deer has become a hot topic of speculation recently, particularly on the social media video-sharing platform TikTok, largely due to this cryptid’s intriguing name.

Let’s take a look at this urban legend, some reported sightings of the Not Deer, and how people have described this ghastly beast.

The Not Deer seems to be more of a phenomenon. Essentially, it's characterized by an encounter with something that appears to be a deer, but is actually something creepy.

What Is a Not Deer?

In all accounts, the Not Deer isn’t something you’d describe as “cute”. Its presence seems threatening and implies a sense of danger.

Some have suggested that “Not Deer” is just a modern name for what the Navajo would call a Skinwalker.

The Origin of the Not Deer

In Navajo folklore, Skinwalkers are practitioners of witchcraft who are able to shapeshift, transforming themselves into the form of a deer to carry out their nefarious deeds.

Others have said that the Not Deer may be a reiteration of another urban legend: the Wendigo. This creature is half-deer and half-man and has an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

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