The 4 Most Expensive Cheeses in the World

With all creative endeavors that humans partake in, cheesemaking has developed into a full-blown form of high art.

People have come to appreciate cheesemaking to such a degree that they’re willing to pay astronomical prices. Here are the most expensive cheeses in the world today:


The cheese is produced on a small nature preserve in Zasavica, Serbia. The milk comes from a rare breed of Balkan donkeys that live on the preserve.

The Elk House is the only farm that produces cheese from moose milk in the entire world. Their annual yield of cheese is around 650 pounds.

Moose Cheese

Made by only six dairies in the United Kingdom, this cheese is made from the already-expensive white Stilton variety, but is pumped full of edible gold leaf.

White Stilton Gold

Bitto Storico is only produced by 12 different cheesemakers in the Valtellina Valley of Italy. It’s made from the milk of cows that graze in the Bitto River Valley.

Bitto Storico

The cows are given no extra food, they eat entirely off the land, and there are no additives whatsoever in the cheese.

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