The 5 Best Reality TV Shows of All Time

According to CivicScience, 52% of American adults watch at least one hour of reality television in an average week.

So, in honor of this wonderfully trashy genre of television, we’re going to run through the 5 best reality TV shows of all time.

The concept was simple: get a bunch of strangers in their early 20s and stick them in the same house for a few weeks. Then, allow the drama to ensue.

The Real World

When The Bachelor first aired in 2002, it made finding love the sole purpose of the show and people ate it up. It was completely ridiculous, sappy, and massively entertaining.

The Bachelor

Survivor asks the question of what would happen if you placed a bunch of strangers with little or no wilderness experience on a deserted island and made them fend for their lives.


Also, a product of MTV, this show was a close relative of The Real World. To stay in the Jersey Shore house, you had to be a spray-tanned, fist-pumping, hair-gelled, Italian-American party animal.

Jersey Shore

This show pioneered a concept that has somewhat become the status quo in today’s reality shows: constants are under surveillance all day, every day.

Big Brother

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