The Best Parts of Fruits and Vegetables You’re Not Eating (And What to Do With Them)

With food waste being such a massive problem across the globe, it’s vital that we learn how to use as much of the food that we produce as possible.

One of the ways that we can reduce food waste is by finding ways to incorporate the lesser-used parts of our fruits and vegetables into our meals.

If I’m cooking up a vegetable stir fry, I dice up my cauliflower or broccoli stems and throw them in. They are full of beta-carotene, which promotes good eyesight.

Broccoli and Cauliflower Stems

Carrot Tops

I like to take my carrot tops, fry them, cover them with salt, and then use them as a delicious and crispy garnish for pretty much anything.

One of the most popular ways to use watermelon rinds is to pickle them. It’s tangy and sweet and makes a great addition to your next charcuterie plate.

Watermelon Rinds

Pumpkin and Squash Seeds

When you’re roasting your pumpkin or squash, you can just take out the seeds, clean them, and spread them around the same pan where you’re roasting the pumpkin.

You can grate the peels with a zester to add a little pizzazz to any meal. And, if you’ve never tried a candied orange peel, they’ll surely change your life.

Citrus Peels

If you have some beet tops sitting in your kitchen, you can use them in any recipe that calls for kale. Kale and beet greens have very similar flavor profiles and cook very similarly.

Beet Tops

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