The Best Ranger Spells To Use in D&D 5e

There are a ton of spells available for Rangers. So many, in fact, that it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best.

Here are the best Ranger spells in D&D 5e you should consider taking.


Casting Goodberry causes up to ten magical berries to appear in your hand.

Spike Growth is a great way to control a portion of the map. In a 20-foot radius, you cause spikes and thorns to emerge from the area and make it difficult terrain.

Spike Growth

Wind Wall is an easy way to make your party impervious to small flying creatures and projectiles like bolts or arrows.

Wind Wall

Guardian of Nature is an easy way to give yourself some buffs for 10 rounds. You have two options: Primal Beast or Great Tree.

Guardian of Nature

You can easily turn a small army’s stroll in the woods into a living hell with Wrath of Nature.

Wrath of Nature

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