The Blue Hole Diving Accident That Killed Yuri Lipski

If you’re the type who likes going out into the world in search of the next scenic spot and the next thrill, you’ll understand how much preparation goes into planning trips.

This was likely what was on Yuri Lipski’s mind when he decided he would dive into the abyss of the Blue Hole, a famous diving spot that's about 390 feet deep.

The Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Sinai peninsula. It's a beautiful diving spot that features a massive coral reef wall along its shallow lagoon.

Witnesses say that he was fully geared up but lacking in two crucial things: a diving buddy and a second oxygen tank.

Yuri Lipski Recorded the Moments Leading Up to His Own Death

The local instructor shared that he saw Yuri Lipski wandering around for roughly 30 to 40 minutes asking for an experienced diver to come with him.

Yuri eventually found a different guide to go with him. Yuri’s companion returned 15 to 20 minutes after they began the dive. Yuri Lipski never made it back.

The video was taken on April 8, 2000. Yuri Lipski did not capture his own death. He only taped the last moments leading up to his death.

Yuri Took a Video of His Final Moments

It shows Yuri descending down the Blue Hole with several other divers near him. He swam deeper until he was alone. In blue water. Around the 5-minute mark, Yuri Lipski starts to scream.

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