The Chinese Surveillance Balloon: A Brief Summary and Timeline

People in Montana spotted a little white disc in the sky that would eventually be blown up by an F-22 Raptor over the Atlantic ocean.

Here is a summary and timeline of the Chinese surveillance balloon that took flight over the continental United States not even a month into 2023.

The Chinese flying an unmanned aircraft over the continental United States and Canada is such a daring and brash decision that it warrants a diplomatic response.

The balloon was two hundred feet in diameter and carried surveillance devices along with solar panels.

An Overview of the Balloon Itself

It also had the ability to control which direction it would move, as seen by its ability to hover over sensitive sites and change direction against the wind.

The balloon was launched from China sometime Friday, January 27th. It was eventually dragged towards Alaska on Saturday, January 28th.

On January 31st, the balloon would re-enter U.S. airspace over Idaho, and President Biden would be notified by the Department of Defense.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry essentially claimed that they weren’t at fault for the balloon entering U.S. airspace and that it wasn’t for spying.

China’s Reaction and the Cancelled Summit

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