Style Retrospective: The History of Georgian Era Fashion and How It Influences What You’re Wearing Now

History is the last thing we think about when we’re scrolling through an online shopping app in search of new clothes, but what we wear now says a lot about who we are and the times we live in. 

The same is true for Georgian era fashion, they dressed partly due to the start of the Industrial Revolution around the mid-eighteenth century.

Georgian Era Fashion Was Shaped by Neo-Classicism

In  Bridgerton's setting during the Regency Era, note the narrow silhouettes that show more of the natural shape of the body.

This made the Georgian era something of a stylistic callback to earlier architectural styles and fashion styles.

Though the Georgian era would begin with Marie Antoinette-like silhouettes, it sharply changed with the French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise to power.

In a painting titled The Coronation of Napoleon, you can see several female figures wearing a dress that features what would later be called the empire waistline.

These waistlines sat high on the torso, just under the bust, and gave way to an A-line skirt at the bottom. The fabrics themselves were lightweight and made of cotton, linen, or muslin.

Bonaparte also brought back statues and artifacts from ruins he encountered during his military campaigns, giving artists, architects, and designers more than enough inspiration to work with.

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