The Iroquois Legend of the Flying Head

North America has its very own floating head spirit that comes from a legend from the Iroquois Nation.

Today we’ll look at the common characteristics of the Flying Head throughout some stories.

Here are a few of the different legends involving this monster, and where this myth may have originated.

The Flying Head of Iroquois legend doesn’t simply float through the air. It has massive wings that stem from its cheeks.

What Is the Flying Head?

It is also said to be about four times the size of an entire human. It also has thick, black hair and a mouth full of razor-sharp fangs.

These monsters are said to have an insatiable hunger for anything that’s alive. They prey, animals and humans.

Iroquois historians are fairly sure of the exact location of the Flying Head’s first sighting: on a hill on the edge of Great Sacandaga Lake in New York.

The First Record of the Flying Head

According to the legend, a tribe lived in this location for many generations. One day, the Flying Head appeared and decimated the tribe, forcing them to flee and abandon their land.

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