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The Legend of the Dybbuk Box: The Haunted Relic That Traded on eBay

If you were browsing through eBay and you came across an object that was advertised as “haunted”, what would you think?

For some people, the fact that an object is haunted is reason enough for them to spend their hard-earned cash on it.

And that’s exactly why Jason Haxton purchased the dybbuk box, a creepy wine cabinet said to be inhabited by a wandering soul from Jewish mythology, on eBay in 2003. Let's dive deeper into this legend.

What Is a Dybbuk?

The concept of the dybbuk comes from Jewish mythology. It translates to Hebrew as “cling” or “adhere”.

These dybbuks were normal, living people who walked the Earth. However, after death, their souls became dislocated because of certain sins that they committed.

The Dybbuk Box

The story begins with a guy named Kevin Mannis. According to him, he bought the box from a 103-year-old Polish woman who had it in Spain after escaping a Nazi concentration camp.

Mannis learned that the box was never to be opened, but he did not take this advice. Apparently, by opening up the box, Mannis gave the dybbuk that lived within free rein to wreak havoc.

Rather than finding some way to dispose of this box (like a responsible human being), Mannis decided to list it on eBay and see if he could pass on his woes to some sucker.

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