The Legend of Umm Al Duwais: The Female Jinn of Emirati Folklore

It’s a story that exists in the folklore of many cultures throughout the world: a great evil disguised as a beautiful woman. The Emirati version of this story is the legend of Umm Al Duwais.

If you happened to see the 2013 Emirati horror film Djinn, then you’re probably already familiar with the lore surrounding Umm Al Duwais because the film was based on her.

First, you need to understand the role that jinn play in the Muslim faith. Jinn are essentially invisible spirits that live on Earth but (usually) can’t be seen by humans.

What is a Jinn?

These spirits are not inherently good or evil, but can choose their own path and are judged by God just like humans. They also have their own societies that are structured as tribes.

However, these days, jinn are most often heard about when they’ve been bad. On occasion, jinn will take a physical form that’s visible to humans.

What Does Umm Al Duwais Look Like?

In most accounts of encounters with Umm Al Duwais, it’s nearly impossible to resist her charm. She appears as a woman with long, black hair and beautiful legs.

However, according to most, the most enticing thing about Umm Al Duwais is her scent, which is said to be sweet and almost intoxicating.

She will often appear to her soon-to-be victims as a beautiful young traveler who’s lost and in need of help.

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