The Louisiana Legend of the Grunch: The Half-Human Beast of the Bayou

It should come as no surprise that Louisiana probably has more urban legends than any other state in the United States.

There aren’t any tour guides out there who will tell you about The Grunch, the Louisiana legend that’s the subject of this article.

The Grunch is a deadly beast (often compared to a Chupacabra) in some versions of the story.

The Grunch got their name from the road where they’re seen most often: Grunch Road.

Grunch Road

This monster is said to have glowing red eyes that can be seen from far away at night.

The Grunch as a Chupacabra

In early New Orleans society, these people were considered to be cursed by the Devil because of their uncommon appearances.

The Grunch as a Cannibalistic Tribe

Sightings of The Grunch date back as far as the 1800s. However, there was a resurgence in sightings just after Hurricane Katrina.

The Grunch Sightings

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