The Problem With the Strong Female Protagonist and Why It’s Time We Grow Past Her

She’s often present in stories where you can expect a fight scene, whether it be an action movie or a Young Adult dystopian novel.

The cluster of traits that make up the strong female protagonist is recognizable enough that you can tell if a character is going to be one.

When executed poorly, her lack of complexity makes the strong female protagonist a caricature of women at best and a mockery of women at worst.

The strong female protagonist often becomes the main representation for women in a story. It ignores the experiences that women share.

1. She’s not really a female protagonist

2. She’s often written from a non-female centered point of view

In becoming a new ideal woman, she gives women their own version of the stoic, unemotional male who never opens up or admits to needing help.

3. She promotes a new ‘ideal’ womanhood

It’s the depth of her character that makes her good representation compared to your typical strong female protagonist.

4. She tends to be not very well-written

Sometimes, the strong female protagonist is given a flaw or weakness that’s intended to make her relatable, but ultimately comes off as reductionist.

5. She’s given simplistic flaws

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