The Twisted Story of Matthew Hoffman: The Leaf Killer of Mount Vernon, Ohio

Trigger warning: mentions of violence and SA.

A serial killer who murdered three people and kidnapped a little girl in 2010 in Ohio had a particularly strange calling card: leaves.

When Matthew Hoffman was finally captured, the police discovered that rooms of his house were lined wall-to-wall with leaves.

The floors of other rooms were likewise covered completely in leaves, all of which were believed to have been collected within a matter of days.

For the most part, he seemed to have been a fairly normal-seeming person up until the few months before the crimes.

Who Was Matthew Hoffman?

He was a quiet kid who sometimes came across as strange to others, but no one really believed he was dangerous.

Previous to the crimes that he committed in 2010, Hoffman was arrested in 2001 for first-degree arson, burglary, and theft after setting a condominium ablaze in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

After he was released from prison, things started to get even weirder. Hoffman’s neighbors reported that he would spend hours up in a tree in his backyard, watching them from his perch.

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