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The Unsolved Mystery of the Circleville Letter Writer

The Circleville Letter Writer, is a mysterious villain who terrorized a small town in Ohio for decades by sending threatening letters in the mailboxes of Circeville's residents over the span of nearly 20 years. 

Let’s take a look at this case from the beginning and you can decide what you believe for yourself. This is the unsolved mystery of the Circleville Letter Writer.

The First Letter

The first letter ever associated with the Circleville Letter Writer arrived at the home of Mary and Ron Gillespie in March of 1977.

The author of the letter claimed to know a secret about them. The letters threatened to reveal the affair that Mary was having with the school superintendent Gordon Massie.

At that point, it was hard to say whether there was any truth to the claim that Mary was having an affair. Regardless, more letters followed and continued to harass the Gillespie family.

In August of 1977, Ron received a call which left him so angry, he left their house on his truck with a gun. According to his kids, he said he was going to confront whoever had been writing the letters.

A Mysterious Crash

What happened after that is a mystery to this day. But, somehow, Ron’s truck slammed into a tree. 

Did someone try to run Ron’s truck off the road, causing him to fire his gun in self-defense and, ultimately, crash into a tree?

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