The World Has Always Been Ending: A History of Doomposting About Societal Collapse

Everybody and their dog thinks the world is ending. Last I heard, it has something to do about signs of societal collapse.

After all, if these ancient doomposts are to go by, our world has been on the brink of destruction since the dawn of civilization.

For some reason, even after Y2K and the 2012 Aztec doomsday both not turning out to be true, people seem obsessed with the idea that the world may come to an end.

This Assyrian tablet is believed to date back to sometime between 2,800 and 2,500 B.C.E. The tablet speaks of societal collapse and an end of the world.

The Assyrians Thought Society Would Degrade and the World Would End

As for the details of the Norse doomsday, there’s supposed to be a really long winter, a famine, and so much bloodshed that people will kill their own kin.

The Norse Believed in Ragnarok

The second coming of Christ is a big deal in many Christian sects and it’s supposed to be part of the Christian doomsday prophecy.

Christ Was Coming Again... in the 2nd Century

The Great Fire of London was a fire that swept through the city in 1666, destroying over 13,000 homes and several churches.

The Great Fire of London

The end of our way of life and the finality of it makes doomsday so appealing to people as a collective.

Why Are We So Obsessed With the End of the World?

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