7 ‘Luxurious’ Things That Will Make You Feel Rich Without Breaking the Bank

In a time when buying a dozen eggs feels luxurious already, how can you add a bit of luxury into your life without breaking the bank?

We’ve put together a list of some of the things you can get for yourself to make your daily routine feel a little more lux without costing a small fortune.

They’re made of pure cotton and have this nice weaved pattern on them that make them look like the towels you find in a nice hotel.

Monogrammed Bath Towels

For a really luxurious incense burner though, our pick is this gold one with ginkgo leaf motifs that would make a great coffee table centerpiece.

A Fancy “Gold” Incense Burner

Nothing says boujee like knowing your soup spoon from your dessert spoon. Cutlery sets are perfect for a dinner party!

Cutlery Set

You can have LED lights on a budget with motion sensor LED strips. They’re motion sensor activated so they’ll turn on the moment you start going up your stairs.

Motion Sensor Lights for Your Stairs

If you’ve always been a coffee person but want to swap the bean for the leaf, you can try a gift tea set.

A Selection of Teas

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