10 Things You Need to Do on Your Trip to Georgia in 2023

Georgia has delicious wine, amazing cuisine, and can be seen on a shoestring budget. Whether you like history, nature, or relaxing on black sand beaches, Georgia has it all.

 If you’re not currently planning a trip to Georgia, keep reading and see if you haven’t changed your mind by the end of this list.

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

This massive church dominates the skyline when you’re in Old Town Tbilisi looking across the river.

It’s an ancient fortress built in the 4th century AD, and some parts of it still stand today.

Narikala Fortress (Tbilisi)

Sulfur baths in Abanotubani district are said to have health benefits and have been used to try and treat a variety of ailments, from achy joints to heart disease.

Relax in a Sulfur Bath

In Georgia, the two foods I’d recommend are khinkali and khachapuri. Khinkali are twisted knobs of dough with a pouch filled with spiced meat or cheese.

Try Georgian Cuisine

Khachapuri is one of the best things in Georgia. It's a bread bowl filled with cheese topped with a runny egg and butter.

One place everyone recommends is Kazbegi. If you head to Kazbegi from Tbilisi, you will pass by Ananuri castle.

Ananuri Castle

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