In 2022, the global influencer market was worth 16.4 billion USD. The launch of the TikTok Shop has seen to that.

But in a platform that’s catering more and more to fast-paced buying and selling, a new type of creator is trying to cut through the noise of overconsumption: the de-influencer.

What Is a De-influencer?

In a nutshell, de-influencers are content creators telling you what not to buy.

The trend of de-influencing started sometime in January, with one of the first de-influencers being a former Ulta and Sephora employee.

From beauty, the trend then spread to other spheres of influence on TikTok, like gamers, home decorators, and book influencers.

With rising inflation and a looming global recession, more and more people are reassessing what they spend their money on — and why.

The Rise of De-influencers

We can see the rise of de-influencers as a rejection of overconsumption.

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