Tina Belcher’s Weirdest Love Interests in Bob’s Burgers

After thirteen seasons and a movie, Bob’s Burgers still manages to deliver laughter and delight with the latest antics from the Belcher family.

For Tina Belcher, much of her quirky personality comes from being an awkward teenager suffering from boy craziness.

We’ve seen some odd choices for a boyfriend for the eldest Belcher. Here’s a ranking of Tina Belcher’s weirdest love interests ever.

Jeff the Ghost in a Box

In Season 5 Episode 2, Tina conjures a boyfriend out of thin air. Using an Ouija board, they determine that the ghost is a 13-year-old boy named Jeff.

When the voice of 15-year-old Rodrigo comes on, Tina Belcher’s overactive imagination goes into overdrive, and she develops a crush.

Rodrigo the Spanish Audiotape

This is on brand with Bob’s Burgers’ overall absurd comedy but felt too extreme to have Tina in a relationship with an animal.

Bruce the Goose

Tina Belcher’s awkwardness has become somewhat endearing. It reminded fans of Bob’s Burgers of their own love-obsessed and hormone-fueled teenage years.

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