6 of Kate McKinnon’s Best SNL Skits Ever

When she joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2012, it was clear that Kate McKinnon was the perfect addition to the iconic sketch comedy show.

In honor of McKinnon’s amazing tenure on Saturday Night Live, let’s take a look back at the best skits she ever starred in.

The premise of these sketches is that the National Security Agency is interviewing three people who have just been abducted by aliens.

1. Close Encounter

This skit is entirely nonsensical, and yet it felt like having a full abdominal workout after watching it.

2. Teacher Fell Down

Schumer plays the game show host, and Kate McKinnon and Mikey Day appear as a mother-and-son duo with a very odd relationship.

3. Mother Knows Best

The first-ever installment of this series was in the 2014 episode features McKinnon and Adams side-by-side as two quirky friends who run a cat shelter together.

4. Whiskers R We

McKinnon nails the Long Island accent, and Daniel Craig’s brief cameo as her husband, Larry Caputo, is funny as hell.

5. Long Island Medium

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