Toxic Self-Care Habits to Leave Behind in 2022

Self-care can mean different things to different people. Whether that involves a 12-step skincare routine, or weekly therapy sessions, there are many ways we try to improve our overall well-being.

Part of the reason it’s so palatable to the mainstream is that self-care is an extremely broad category under the even bigger (and more profitable)  $4 trillion global industry of health and wellness.

It’s time we recognize how these self-care habits create a toxic environment for us to truly flourish and become the best version of ourselves.

Treating yourself to a debt spiral

Retail therapy, for one, is considered by many as a way of decompressing. But anything we do on emotion can develop into a compulsion.

Find alternative ways to relieve stress. Habits like journaling, going for a run, or even crying into a pillow can be more effective.

Striving for a perfect self-care routine

Here’s a secret wellness influencers don’t want you to know: the perfect self-care routine doesn’t exist. There isn’t a singular path to improving one’s well-being.

What works for one might not necessarily work for you. It’s time to stop trying to curate the perfect self-care routine and focus on improving one thing at a time.

Ignoring professional interventions for DIY self-care methods

If you find that your usual self-care routines are doing little to improve your well-being, you might need professional intervention. And for a lot of us, professional help means therapy.

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