The Weird Historical Jobs You Might Have Had if You Were Born in Ancient Rome

Here are weird historical jobs in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome that will make you scratch your head and wonder, “Did they seriously pay people to do that?”

Mimus, sometimes called archimimes, would mimic the behavior of the deceased.

Funeral Clowns

It wasn’t just any behavior either, they specifically picked ones that made the deceased look bad.

Slave owners would buy slaves to serve as their “body doubles” at work and do their work for them.

Vicarius Were the Middle Managers Between Their Masters and Their Fellow Slaves

They were instead servants of the god of medicine, Asclepius. Dream incubators would help patients get in touch with their divine care provider.

Dream Incubators

One of the many services offered at the baths was armpit plucking by bathhouse guilds to manually pluck the armpit hairs of patrons with tweezers.

Armpit Hair Pluckers

The stercorarius had to go from house to house and collect people’s shit from their cesspools, bucket by bucket and wagon by wagon.

The Stercorarius

They were chicken interpreters who told the fortune of military campaigns based on how chickens ate. 

The Pullarius

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