TikTok’s Latest Self-Help Trend, Explained: What Is Lucky Girl Syndrome?

If you feel down on your luck as of late or, possibly, your whole life, fret not. TikTok’s self-help gurus are here to help.

There’s a new practice going around the platform claiming to transform your misfortunes into good ones and create lasting changes in your life.

What Is Lucky Girl Syndrome and How Does It Work?

Lucky girl syndrome is a visualization tool for attracting good fortune into your life.

Believe that you are the luckiest person in the world and lucky things will happen to you.

Those who are old enough to remember the popularity of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne know that this is hardly a new self-help concept. 

Manifestation—or Toxic Positivity?

The 2006 best-selling book promoted the law of attraction. If you want something enough, you will receive it so long as you believe you can.

The problem with lucky girl syndrome is that it veers dangerously close to toxic positivity, as did the law of attraction.

These spiritual notions want practitioners to focus on the positives in life and leave very little space for the negatives.

Lucky girl syndrome doesn’t teach people how to feel about or process the inconveniences, setbacks, and tragedies of life. 

In fact, it wants people to believe that they can will away negative things from occurring altogether. But no one is that lucky.

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