What Is Project Blue Beam?: Inside the Universal Religion Conspiracy Theory

Among the many interesting trends that defined 2020s, conspiracy theories seemed to really make themselves at home in the minds of Americans last year.

One such theory that gained a great deal of traction on the internet this past year is Project Blue Beam.

At a glance, Project Blue Beam is a series of steps to be carried out by the New World Order.

What Is Project Blue Beam?

Its purpose is to replace the world’s religions with a singular religion and then using this religion to establish a global dictatorship.

Some theorists claim that Project Blue Beam developed out of the Philadelphia experiments, an alleged series of experiments carried out by the U.S. military.

The theory of the Philadelphia experiments was spearheaded by Morris K. Jessup, a UFO researcher who also forwarded theories about secret societies of humans living in outer space.

Apparently, the world’s governments’ investigations into the limits of visual manipulation did not stop there.

According to the Project Blue Beam theory, NASA and the United Nations then began developing technology that would be able to project images into the sky over the entire Earth.

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