What Is the Vito Russo Test and What Movies Pass It?

You have probably heard about the Bechdel Test, but you may not have heard about the Vito Russo Test.

A similar test, but instead of looking at women in film, the Vito Russo test looks at how LGBTQ characters are included in a movie.

While the test itself isn’t exactly a great way to test representation, it does point out some stark realities of filmmaking in Hollywood.

There is a gay couple at the beginning of the movie who are attacked for their sexuality.

It: Chapter Two (2018)

The director has said that including that scene was important because leaving it out “would be omitting something that is still happening to this day and is horrible.”

The original Hikaru Sulu is played by George Takei, who is a gay man.

Star Trek: Beyond (2016)

Though they’re not the main focus of the film, we do see their relationship progress and eventual marriage.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

For a film shot on an iPhone, Tangerine isn’t half bad. The movie itself focuses on two transgender sex workers and a cab driver on Christmas Eve.

Tangerine (2015)

This film turned people red when it was first released because of its depiction of two gay men fighting their inner urges in a society that doesn’t accept them yet.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

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